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More Ways to Give

Donations also can be made through a no cost fundraiser for CBI. will contribute .5% of your purchase amount to CBI every time you buy from them.  While it’s a small percentage, it can add up!  Use the web address to register Congregation Beth Israel Chico as your charity, then use that same web address every time you log on to Amazon to make your purchases. It’s easy, free, and no cost to you, and it will help CBI.

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In addition, CBI is participating in the FoodMaxx and SaveMart profit distribution program. If you shop at either of these grocery stores, a small portion of what you spend will be sent to CBI. If you haven’t already, it is easy to sign up by clicking one or both of these links: FoodMaxx or SaveMart. At the store, during checkout, enter your phone number and a portion of your purchase will automatically be donated to CBI — at no cost to you, and much benefit to us.

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