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Birthday? Anniversary? Promotion? Graduation? Celebrate your special occasion at services: sponsors are always appreciated. You can bring and serve your own treats (most appreciated!), or contribute $25 for a Friday night Oneg Shabbat or $50 for a Saturday morning Kiddush to be prepared by other volunteers. To sponsor either event, email CBI at , or call 530-342-6146.


If you would like to make an aliyah to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, contact Ritual Chair Steve Margolin. Children may also celebrate with a blessing before the ark on Friday night or Saturday morning; contact the rabbi.

Giving tzedakah is another time-honored Jewish way to celebrate a special occasion; donation envelopes to a variety of synagogue funds are available in the CBI lobby. Your donation will be recognized in the newsletter and if you provide the address, the person whom you are honoring will receive a card from CBI.

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