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Updated COVID-19 Protocols

March 21, 2022

Throughout the pandemic, the Covid Committee has met regularly to make sure we are keeping our community safe. We thank you for your patience and support as we think about our community as a whole, and make decisions that affect us all.

Considering the recent change to the mask mandate, the committee met to decide what is best for CBI. The committee has decided to use caution in our plans to reopen by continuing, for now, to follow the most stringent and current scientific recommendations at county, state, and federal levels.

The CDC and State Public Health Department strongly recommend masks at all indoor gatherings of seven or more people where social distancing is not being practiced. This is the standard to which we are upholding our community, and will change as directed by local changes in disease cases moving forward. Additionally, it is important to assess what happens with cases post spring break, and with CUSD students returning to mask optional campuses today.

For now, masks will still be required for all indoor events at CBI. However, masks will no longer be required for outdoor activities, including services, events, and recess at Shul School. Our safety protocol also requires everyone 5 years and older to be fully vaccinated (including boosters). The committee will reassess the situation in a couple of weeks and make adjustments to the Covid safety protocols as necessary.

Blessings for health and wellness,

CBI Covid Committee

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