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~Helping to Feed the Unsheltered~ 

CBI’s Tikkun Olam Committee 

proudly announces

A Special Early Spring Holidays Food Drive

Purim thru Passover (Pesach) 

Please bring a donation to CBI when you next visit, attend services, or special events such as at our upcoming  “After-Purim Party” celebration  on Saturday eve, March 19 when we can begin by filling a  CBI Purim Basket for the Unsheltered! Some examples of items that will help us provide packaged and/or canned food to our Chico area unsheltered community include: 

  • Canned meats (Vienna sausage, Spam, tuna fish, sardines, canned salmon, etc.) 

  • Other canned foods (Hearty soups, SpaghettiOs, ravioli, baked beans, fruit, vegetables, etc.)  Cans with pop tops would be helpful!

  • Peanut butter and crackers 

  • Soft cereal bars 

  • Pudding cups, fruit cups, apple sauce (kindly provide disposable spoons)  

  • Snacks (cookies, Cracker Jacks, chips, popcorn, etc.) 

  • Bottled water 

  • Other small drinks (soda, flavored water, tea) 

Plastic bags are also needed to help distribute items!!!

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