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Jewish youth education at CBI offers programs from birth to Bar and Bat Mitzvah and beyond!  Shul School’s passionate, dedicated teachers bring innovative curriculum to the classroom.  Our students participate in hands-on, engaging activities while making Jewish friends and creating life long memories.

We learn about…

  • Jewish Identity, History and Culture

  • Jewish Values and Ethics

  • Shabbat, Jewish Holidays and Traditions

  • Hebrew and the Alef-Bet

  • Our Jewish Community

  • Torah

Programs for every age…

  • The Menchkins Program (Birth to 5 years):   A family program for parents and children to learn and explore their Jewish world together. We offer playgroups, outings and activities full of hands-on, sensory experiences. Jewish learning begins at birth!

  • Formal Shul School (5 years through B’nai Mitzvah); Students continue exploring their heritage while also embarking on the Bar and Bat Mitzvah journey.

  • Confirmation (post B’nai Mitzvah education for teens): A bi-weekly class focusing on Jewish history and heroes, hot topics, and comparative religion. A great place for teens to learn important values and mature their identity with their Jewish peers.

For more information about these exciting programs, contact CBI at or 530-342-6146 for assistance.

Shul School - Where Judaism Comes to Life!

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