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 We Stand with the People of Israel 

Our Jewish community remains traumatized by the events and consequences of the terrorist attack launched on October 7 by Hamas against the people of Israel, causing unfathomable pain and loss of life.  We unequivocally condemn Hamas.  Their brutal, barbaric actions have sent shock waves throughout the Jewish world and beyond, impacting all civilized people. 


While our spirits were uplifted by the return of more than 100 hostages during the temporary cease fire initiated on November 24th, we are devastated by the senseless loss of life, the unthinkable acts of violence, the kidnapping and torture of human beings young, old, and infirm, and severe sexual violence against women that occurred on October 7th.  We stand with the people of Israel, united with the global Jewish community. 


We grieve the pain and misery suffered by so many innocent people in Gaza and beyond.  We are also alarmed by the upsurge in antisemitism and anti-Muslim prejudice worldwide, and actively stand against all such incidents.


Jewish values and the wisdom of our tradition guide us during these times. We urge everyone to remain attentive and informed. While there may be differences of opinion about how to move forward, we seek a climate of mutual respect and understanding through constructive dialogue. 


We offer prayers for all who are suffering.

May healing and peace come quickly.

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We are a growing community dedicated to the Jewish values of study (Torah), worship and practice (Avodah), social action (Tikkun Olam), acts of kindness (Gemilut Hasadim), and connection with the Jewish People (Am Yisrael).

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