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 The most significant and meaningful way to support our community is by making the commitment, the brit (covenant) of membership. Membership is not simply a dollar amount, but a matter of values. It is making a commitment to support the community and be counted as part of the community. To become a member of CBI, contact our office (email from the website or call 530-342-6146) and we will connect you to our membership chair, who will be happy to speak with you and send you a membership packet.  If you prefer, you can click here for the membership form. The form is a fillable PDF, so you can complete it and e-mail the completed form back to: .


Unlike a gym or a club, you don’t pay money to get in the door at CBI. We strive to be open, friendly, and welcoming. All religious services (except High Holy Days, for which we request a “ticket” donation) and many classes and programs are free or quite inexpensive.

Members do receive some special benefits, including free High Holy Day tickets, Religious School and Confirmation classes (with a book & supply fee), no fee life-cycle events officiated by our spiritual leaders, pastoral care, reduced or free costs at many events and classes, use of the library, member appreciation events, and so on. But Membership should not, we hope, be approached with a consumer mentality (how much do I need or get from the community at present?) but from a values mentality (how much does the continued presence of an active, full-service Jewish community in Chico and the Northstate mean to me?) Ours is a small Jewish community and every single person or family who chooses to make and honor that commitment has an impact.

Dues levels are self-declared and based on your own means and on making a commitment that you can honor and fulfill. We base our annual budget on these commitments, so the main thing is to pledge at the most generous level that you can truly fulfill in the course of a year. While membership levels for supporters are $700 per year for individuals or $1200 for families ($100-$300 for full time students), some benefactor households  are able donate up to $2800 (family) / $1700 (individual) a year in dues and others of modest means may give less and donate their service and work commitments to help keep us running. Every member is important and no one is excluded from membership for financial reasons. Your dues contribution level is regarded as confidential. Our membership chair will be happy to speak with you privately and come up with an amount or a donation plan that is right for you. The membership chair is Terri Richman; contact her at CBI at , or call 530-342-6146.



Please enter the purpose of your donation, including the fund to which you would like your donation applied.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: (530) 342-6146

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