May their memory be a blessing

We remember the recent passing of
CBI members Steve Schuman, Joel Mintzes, Carol Wong, Stan Gottlieb, Jim Jessee,
and Debra Berman


Losses from this last year include:


Charlene Dana, 9/15/20

Remembered by Serge Dana


Reba Teplitzky, 9/16/20

Remembered by Hillel Student Emma Green


Stan Gottlieb, 10/2/20

Remembered by Ann Gottlib, Sara, Madison and Fleet Irvine


Geoff Tamayo and Noah Hytken, 10/2020

Remembered by Hillel Student Emma Green


Jim Jessee, 11/30/20

Remembered by Nelda Jessee and the CBI Community 


Robin Fox Fong, 1/9/21

Remembered by Nicky Fox


Debra Berman, 2/21/21

Remembered by Joel Berman


Jackie Bilk, 3/14/21

Remembered by Robin Black 

Carol Wong, 7/14/21

Remembered by Judith Krenn 


Joel Mintzes, 9/12/21

Remembered by Sue Mintzes 

Steve Schuman, 9/12/21

Remembered by The Schuman Family and the CBI Community 

Kathy Zeichick, 9/14/21

Remembered by David, Kelly, Kaitlyn, Joy, and Audrey Zeichick 

Yahrzeits for September 2021: 


Harold Edward Aaron, 9/2/2021    

    Observed by Laurie Aaron    


Anna Kahn    Elul 27, 9/4/2021    

    Observed by Robin Black   


Martha Sunny Rosenfeld, 9/4/2021    

    Observed by Fran and David Halimi    


Leaona Golden, 9/12/2021    

    Observed by Laurie Aaron   


Sarah Senehi-Abadia, 9/12/2021    

    Observed by Fran and David Halimi    


Leroy Clark    Tishrei 9, 9/15/2021

    Observed by Joe & Rose Clark    


Yaroub Pessah    Tishrei 9, 9/15/2021

    Observed by Louis & Sara Marsaa    


Charlene Dana, 9/15/2021    

    Observed by Serge Dana   


Frances Brownfield Jessee, 9/24/2021    

    Observed by Nelda Jessee


Friedel Levi, 9/24/2020

    Observed by Paul and Sue Levi    


Allen Wolpe    Tishrei 19, 9/25/2021

   Observed by Amy, Jeremy, Zia, and Tali Miller


Robert Fishkin    TIshrei 20, 9/26/2021    

    Observed by Martha Fishkin   


Eitan Avinoam Ben Yitzhak    TIshrei 20, 9/26/2021    

    Observed by Laurie Dana   


Steven Lund    TIshrei 20, 9/26/2021    

    Observed by Chelsea Lund   


Sadelle Gagerman    Tishrei 21, 9/27/2020    

    Observed by Janice Gagerman & David Frankel    


Walter Steven Nelson, 9/29/2021

    Observed by Andy Whalen