May their memory be a blessing

We remember the recent passing of
CBI members Judy Chambers, Dave Bermann, 
Stan Gottlieb, and Jim Jessee
and the victims from the Camp Fire


Losses from this last year include:

Dave Bermann, 3/15/20

Observed by Linda Bermann


Lila Sanger, 3/22/20

Observed by Amy & Jeremy Miller


Rita Shnayer, 4/15/20

Observed by Al and Caron Shnayer

Susan Zukrow, 4/20/20

Observed by Monica and Lucus Zukrow


Toby Frankel, 7/29/20

Observed by David Frankel and Janice Gagerman


Charlene Dana, 9/15/20

Observed by Serge Dana


Reba Teplitzky, 9/16/20

Observed by Hillel Student Emma Green


Stan Gottlieb, 10/2/20

Observed by Ann Gottlib, Sara, Madison and Fleet Irvine


Geoff Tamayo and Noah Hytken, 10/2020

Observed by Hillel Student Emma Green


Jim Jessee, 11/30/20

Observed by Nelda Jessee and the CBI Community   

Yahrzeits for March 2021: 


Eugene Altman    Wednesday, 3/11/2021    

    Observed by Michael Mulcahy & Wendy Diamond 


Jerome Schoenfeld    Wednesday, 3/11/2021    

    Observed by Karen & Rick Rogers  


Kurt David Levi     Friday, 3/13/2021

Observed by Paul & Sue Levi                         


Akiba Halimi     Friday, 3/13/2021

    Observed by Fran & David Halimi     


Klara Zaton    Saturday, 3/14/2021

   Observed by Helene Ginsberg    


Irving Kah    2 Nisan, Sunday, 3/15/2021    

    Observed by Laurie Dana   


Yitzhak Ben Zvi    Sunday, 3/15/2021    

    Observed by Nitsa & Irv Schiffman    


Charles Evens    2 Nisan, Sunday, 3/15/2021

    Observed by Nancy Evens & Peter Straus    


Mary Meng Wade    Monday, 3/16/2021

    Observed by Renee Everett    


Jack Edelman    5 Nisan, Thursday, 3/18/2021

    Observed by Sam & Carol Edelman    


Leon Kahn    7 Nisan, Saturday, 3/20/2021

    Observed by Robin Black   


Lawrence Rosenfeld    Monday, 3/22/2021    

    Observed by Fran & David Halimi      


Philip Abrams    9 Nisan, Monday, 3/22/2021    

    Observed by Al & Sandy Abrams      


Gohar Halimi    Tuesday, 3/23/2021    

    Observed by Fran & David Halimi    


Barbara Lind    Wednesday, 3/24/2021    

    Observed by Terri Richman   


Jessica Nicoletti    Thursday, 3/25/2021    

    Observed by Elizabeth Sperber    


Hans Gold Schmidt    Monday, 3/29/2021    

    Observed by Inge Schmidt   


Judy Davis    16 Nisan, Monday, 3/29/2021

    Observed by Wendy Marsters    


Else Kahn Schmdt    Tuesday, 3/30/2021    

    Observed by Inge Schmidt   


Bessie Diamond    Tuesday, 3/30/2021

    Observed by Michael Mulcahy & Wendy Diamond    


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