May their memory be a blessing

Yahrzeits – September 2022

Losses from this last year include:

Joel Mintzes Sunday, 9/12/21

Remembered by Sue Mintzes - Husband

Steve Schuman Sunday, 9/12/21

Remembered by the Schuman Family and CBI community

Kathy Zeichick Tuesday, 9/14/21

Remembered by David, Kelly, Kaitlyn, Joy, and Audrey - David’s Mother

Cheryl Robbins Wednesday, 11/10/21

Remembered by the CBI Community

Terry Gluskoter Saturday, 11/27/21

Remembered by Richard Gluskoter - Brother

Carolyn Sanger Monday, 11/29/21

Remembered by Amy, Jeremey, Zia and Tali Miller - Amy’s Mother

Inge Schmidt Sunday, 12/12/21

Remembered by the CBI Community

Ismael Diaz Sunday, 1/23/22

Remembered by David and Gabrielle Green - David’s Step Father

Morris Berman Saturday, 2/26/22

Remembered by Joel Berman - Father

Ronald Alan Steinke Thursday, 3/10/22

Remembered by Loretta Steinke - Husband

Meredith Kaplan Tuesday, 6/28/22

Remembered by Sharon Kaplan (and Hesh Kaplan) - Mother

Barbara Jean Everett Thursday, 7/14/22

Remembered by Renee Everett - Mother

Yahrzeits for the coming weeks include:

Harold Edward Aaron Friday, 9/2/2022

Observed by Laurie Aaron - Father

Seymour Gagerman Saturday, 9/3/2022

Observed by Janice Gagerman & David Frankel - Janice’s Father

Martha Rosenfeld Sunday, 9/4/2022

Observed by Fran & David Halimi - Fran’s Mother

Wilfred “Bill” Rudley Sunday, 9/11/2022

Observed by Chelsea & Grant Thornton - Grandfather

Celia Shapiro Monday, 9/12/2022

Observed by Deborah Shapiro

Leaona Golden Monday, 9/12/2022

Observed by Laurie Aaron - Aunt

Sarah Senehi-Abadia Monday, 9/12/2022

Observed by Fran & David Halimi - David’s Grandmother

Joel Mintzes Monday, 9/12/2022 

Observed by Sue Mintzes - Husband


Steve Schuman Monday,  9/11/2022

Observed by CBI Community

Charlene Dana Thursday, 9/15/2022

Observed by Serge Dana - Wife

Leroy Clark Thursday, 9/15/2022 (Tishrei 9)

Observed by Joe & Rose Clark - Joe’s Brother


Yaroub Pessah Thursday, 9/15/2022 (Tishrei 9)

Observed by Louis & Sara Marsaa - Sara’s Father


Rita Sanger Saturday, 9/17/2022 (Elul 21)

Observed by Amy & Jeremy Miller - Amy’s Paternal Grandmother

Shifra Chalkoff Monday, 9/19/2022 (Tishrei 13)

Observed by Stan & Anne Gottlieb - Stan’s Grandmother


Renee Arginteanu Tuesday, 9/20/2022 (Tishrei14)

Observed by Louis Arnoff


Fanny Hilton Wednesday, 9/21/2022 (Tishrei 15)

Observed by Avraham & Julie Hilton Danan


Anna Kahn Friday, 9/23/2022 (Elul 27)

Observed by Robin Black - Mother

Frances Brownfield Jessee Saturday, 9/24/2022

Observed by Nelda Jessee - Jim’s Mother

Friedel Levi Saturday, 9/24/2022

Observed by Paul & Sue Levi - Paul’s Grandmother

Robert Fishkin Monday, 9/26/2022 (Tishrei 20)

Observed by Martha Fishkin - Husband

Walter Steven Nelsen Sunday, 9/29/2022

Observed by Andy Whalen - Brother