May their memory be a blessing

We remember the recent passing of
CBI members Stan Gottlieb, Jim Jessee,
and Debra Berman
and the victims from the Camp Fire


Losses from this last year include:


**Rita Shnayer, 4/15/20

Observed by Al and Caron Shnayer

**Susan Zukrow, 4/20/20

Observed by Monica and Lucus Zukrow


Toby Frankel, 7/29/20

Observed by David Frankel and Janice Gagerman


Charlene Dana, 9/15/20

Observed by Serge Dana


Reba Teplitzky, 9/16/20

Observed by Hillel Student Emma Green


Stan Gottlieb, 10/2/20

Observed by Ann Gottlib, Sara, Madison and Fleet Irvine


Geoff Tamayo and Noah Hytken, 10/2020

Observed by Hillel Student Emma Green


Jim Jessee, 11/30/20

Observed by Nelda Jessee and the CBI Community 


Robin Fox Fong, 1/9/21

Observed by Nicky Fox


Debra Berman, 2/21/21

Observed by Joel Berman


Jackie Bilk, 3/14/21

Observed by Robin Black 

Yahrzeits for April 2021: 


Lizzie Grossman    Nissan 19, Thursday, 4/1/2021

    Observed by Deborah Shapiro    Mother    


Abe Osheroff    Tuesday, 4/6/2021

    Observed by Michael Mulcahy & Wendy Diamond    Michael’s Foster Father


Franklin Burns    Wednesday, 4/7/2021    

    Observed by Tami Ritter    Grandfather


Celia Burns    Thursday, 4/8/2021

    Observed by Tami Ritter    Grandmother


Fred Davis    Nissan 27, Friday, 4/9/2021    

    Observed by Alan Tochterman    Family Friend


Beryl May    Nissan 27, Friday, 4/9/2021    

    Observed by Beverly & Michael Paull    


Jeamette Rubinoff    Nissan 27, Friday, 4/9/2021    

    Observed by Shane & Karen Rubinoff    Joel’s Mother


Paula Berman    Saturday, 4/10/2021    

    Observed by Joel Berman    Joel's Mother    


John Rogers    Saturday, 4/10/2021    

    Observed by Karen & Rick Rogers    Rick’s Father    


Judy Davis    Nissan 16, Friday, 4/10/2021

    Observed by Wendy Marsters    Wendy’s Mother


Jeff Forrest    Tuesday, 4/13/2021    

    Observed by Renee Everett    Grandfather    


Rita Shnayer    Thursday, 4/13/2021

    Observed by Cid Shnayer    Wife    


Steve Lewkowicz    Iyar 3, Saturday, 4/15/2021

    Observed by Carol & Mark Lewkowicz    Mark’s Father


Harold Diamond    Monday, 4/19/2021

    Observed by Michael Mulcahy & Wendy Diamond    


Agnes Sabersky Kraus    Monday, 4/19/2021

    Observed by Helene Ginsberg    Andrew’s Sister


David Tochterman    Monday, 4/19/2021

    Observed by Alan Tochterman    Grandfather


Max Joel Ginsberg    Tuesday, 4/20/2021

    Observed by Helene Ginsberg    Helene’s Grandfather    


Rhoda Safran    Thursday, 4/22/2021

    Observed by Michael Mulcahy & Wendy Diamond    Wendy’s Cousin    


Rabbi Steve Fisdel    Sunday, 4/25/2021

    Observed by Laurie Howard and CBI Community        


Marietta Price    Wednesday, 4/28/2021

    Observed by Rene & Jess Price    Jess’s Mother


Isidore Diamond    Thursday, 4/29/2021

    Observed by Michael Mulcahy & Wendy Diamond    Wendy’s Grandfather


Gary Dubow    Thursday, 4/29/2021

    Observed by Shelley Kulchin    Brother


Merton Breslauer    Iyar 17, Thursday, 4/29/2020

    Observed by Donna & Rob Greenberg    Donna’s Father