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Reb Lisa's Message

As I mentioned last week, when the month of Adar enters, we increase in joy! Much of that joy and frivolity is expressed during the holiday of Purim, which is fast approaching on Thursday evening, February 25th.

At the same time our joy is increasing, we remember that our Purim celebration last year was cancelled. It marked the beginning of not meeting in the synagogue. This of course brings much grief and sadness, as we feel the weight of this past year.

And yet, the joy of Adar has an interesting way of framing the experience. The onset of the pandemic, also marked the beginning of innovation and creativity, as we quickly found alternative ways to gather. It marked the beginning of reaching out to our community in new and different ways. We’ve had a lot of fun this past year. We’ve persisted in our desire, our deeply rooted human need to connect. This makes me happy : )

And so we gear up for a fantastic Purim celebration--yes on Zoom, but yes also zany and tons of fun! We will gather on erev Purim at 6:00 pm. Come in costume, bring your DIY grogger, which will be part of the Mishloach Manot (treat bags) we have for all our members (Please RSVP in this survey if you haven’t already).

Get in the mood for Purim with this fun music video from the Maccabeats!!!

I’ve also included here the Four Mitzvot of Purim so you can include this in your observance and weave it into the month of Adar.

~ The Four Mitzvot of Purim ~

Purim gives us the opportunity to participate in special activities. In particular there are four mitzvot that bring us closer to the core messages of this holiday. Here's how you can engage in the holiday, and party with your CBI community!

1. Hear the Megillah: We will have a taste of Megillah reading at our CBI Purim celebration on Thursday evening, February 25. Come in costume, bring your grogger, and engage in this annual interactive (and somewhat raucous) telling of the Purim story!

2. Food gifts (Mishloach Manot): Bring food gifts to friends! Pick up your Mishloach Manot from CBI. We’ll have curbside pick up on Wednesday, February 24. Read flyer for more details and fill out the survey to reserve your Mishloach Manot!

3. Festive Meal: Create a fabulous spread! Celebrate! We can’t do this together in the same space this year, but you can still make something new, special, interesting to enjoy this Purim!

4. Give to the Needy (Matanot LaEvyonim): During the month of Adar, Tikkun Olam Tzedakah collected by CBI will go toward feeding the hungry, both locally and globally. Make sure to bring packaged food for our food drive when you come to CBI to pick up your Mishloach Manot! You can also donate here to Mazon directly. Inspired by Jewish values, Mazon is a National Advocacy Organization working to end hunger.

Make sure to read all the details for our Purim celebration on the additional information in the eBlast! Let's party this Adar and enjoy the riches of our fantastic community, as creatively as possible!

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