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Reb Lisa's Message

March 22, 2023

Chodesh Nisan Tov! Greetings for a good new month!

With the new moon, we begin the Hebrew month of Nisan. This month brings the energy of renewal, of hope, of possibility. In two weeks, when the moon is full, Passover begins! During this eight day holiday (seven days in the land of Israel), we celebrate our freedom and retell the story of the Exodus from Egypt. We remember the misery and bitterness of oppression. And we recall the miracle of redemption as we crossed the Sea of Reeds. Passover is the oldest, continuously celebrated Jewish holiday. As such, being part of a Passover Seder is a very compelling experience.

And, happy Spring! In addition to a new month, we have also just entered a new season! Monday was the vernal equinox, the first day of Spring. It is interesting that the month of Nisan is also known as Chodesh Ha-Aviv, the month of Spring. Seasonally, we also feel the energy of renewal, hope, and possibility. Even though it has been cold and rainy, there is something qualitatively different in the air–many trees are in glorious bloom, the birds have been tweeting up a storm in the mornings, and of course the days are longer–true daylight savings is part of that!

How do you experience the themes of this month: liberation, redemption, spring, re-birth? What is the personal liberation you are seeking this season? What freedoms are important to fight for right now? What in you, or around you is in the bud stage, about to burst into bloom? So much to think about this month. So much to celebrate!

May the month of Nisan, and the annual ritual of reliving our liberation story, release us from the narrow places we have inhabited this past year. May the season of spring, bring forth newness and possibility from the dormant places within.

Chodesh Nisan Tov!

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